WNC MYSTERIANS Critique Group Procedures


 1 Group meet every two weeks unless otherwise noted. Maximum group size is eight (8) members. Schedule changes and other decisions will be by majority agreement. Donations from participants will help defray costs (room rental, web hosting expense, copying, etc.).  


2 Participants can submit up to 15 pages for critique. Submissions will be made via email by Saturday night preceding our critique session. Late submissions will not be accepted.  


3 Manuscripts will be double-spaced, in a standard font (Times New Roman, Arial) of 12 points, and must be page numbered. Submissions other than in this standard format will not be accepted.  

4 Discussion will be on the basis of the prepared critiques, not on live readings.   

5 Critiques by participants may be made on manuscript printouts or on a separate sheet referenced to the submission and submitted to the author at the next critique session or beforehand via email.  

6 Critiques will cite specific problems, i.e. where the reader lost interest, irritating character traits, discontinuities in behavior or site, plot issues, factual errors in technical matters, etc.   

7 Grammar, spelling & punctuation are ”second tier” concerns. Although important, these are mechanical issues and need to be mentioned, but not dwelt on.   

8  In additions to critiquing each others' work, other discussion at meetings might be on:  finding ideas         research  factual errors  writing style  vocabulary  punctuation  situation  setting – time/place  plot & structure  character development (“the plot behind the plot” – the murderer’s story)  dialogue  exposition  description/mood/atmosphere foreshadowing (weaving in clues)  using all 5 senses   editing/self editing (macro & micro)  writing habits  handling large projects – (planning, outlining, notes en route, word count)  rewriting  agents  publishers  marketing  other writing groups  anything else pertinent to writing and/or getting published.   

9 Applicants for membership will submit a writing sample, either a new project or from a work in progress. Members will evaluate the sample and decide to invite the writer or not. This is a group for committed writers. 

10 Group members are expected to attend meetings and to submit their own work regularly and to review and critique each others' work for each meeting.