Character Development

Character Development by Sheree Rehema

Creating the Perfect Murder Mystery Victim by Dawn Arkin

Character Chart for Fiction Writers -
A character development template for fiction writers.

Writing technique: character development
Use this technique to get to know your characters.

General Info

Copyright 101
A handy online tutorial that walks you through the basics of what copyright is and how it works (courtesy of the Library at Brigham Young University).

Beginning Your Mystery Novel

Detective fiction (disambiguation) - Wikipedia

Top 10 Rules for Mystery Writing by Ginny Wiehardt

Writing and Selling Your Mystery Novel

Proper Manuscript Format by William Shunn

Crime Scene Forensics (at a glance)

North Carolina State Highway Patrol 10-Codes

Point of View (POV)

How to Choose a POV Character

Narrative mode - Pretty good discussion from Wikipedia.

Three Points of View in Writing - 1st, 2nd, 3rd Person.

Plot Development

How to End Your Story by Nina Munteanu

Plotting the Mystery Novel - The Classic 12-Chapter Mystery Formula. Link to

Synopsis Writing

 How to Write a Synopsis by Marg Gilks

Writing a Story Synopsis by Bill Johnson

How to Write a Novel Synopsis by editorkaheaku