Critique Group Procedures Explains how the WNCMysterians critique group operates.
Potential Mysterian Activities Lots of things to think and talk about here, but more ideas are needed. Whatchugot?
Word Count Progress Template An Excel speadsheet that will tell you exactly where you are in your writing project.
(For compulsive types like Havelin.)
Non-Fiction Book Proposal Template Havelin has sold several books to publishers with this. Adapt as needed.
Notes on Lajos Egri's
Art of Creative Writing
Havelin disagrees with much of this, but it's still interesting and useful theoretical reading.
Proofreader's Marks #1 Guess what this is.
Proofreader's Marks #2 And now for something completely different...
Proofreader's Marks #3 More of the same.
AP Style Guide on Numbers This topic seems to generate lots of discussion. Here's some professional guidance.
Chicago Style Numbers More professional guidance.
Editing Check Sheet Useful check sheet from Alice Sabo.
Mark Twain Quotes Some significant thoughts for authors.
POV A rather awkwardly written opinion piece on point-of-view, with some good points in spite of its error-loaded & poorly punctuated expression.
Point of View Clear explanation, with examples.
Favorite Authors & Their Sleuths Document prepared by Hendersonville Public Library, Hendersonville, North Carolina.
DNA Database Controversy Article from NewScientist (9 Jan 2010) on DNA matching issues.
The Ultimate Book Marketing Master Spreadsheet Jenny Blake's 15-tab spreadsheet template for keeping track of your book marketing. Check her website.
Writing Police Reports An interesting article from a 2011 Utne Reader issue.
Evidence Collection Guidelines Helpful info.
Beginner's Primer on Investigation of Forensic Evidence You want to know how it's done? Read this.
A Simplified Guide To Bloodstain Pattern Analysis Everything you ever wanted to know.
The Staged Crime Scene Very interesting material for authors.
NC Highway Patrol 10-Codes HP, not necessarily used by counties or municipalities
The Simple Art of Murder Raymond Chandler's Thoughts